Mr. Raja and Mr. Bob travels abroad very frequently. The trips are divided into

  • Fashion Survey Sales
  • and Promotion trips

Fashion Survey:

We often visit various exhibitions held at different places of the world to bring back the knowledge of what’s fashionable and acceptable at that particular time. Our tailors are then brought up-to-date and trained to meet the demand in various countries and with various people of different aspects of life!!

Sales and Promotion trips:

Our clients invite us to visit them in their respective work place or houses in different countries. They collect groups of family, friends and colleagues who are very keen to meet us on our special promotional trip.

We measure and fit them there before coming back here and manufacture the real finished goods. Once ready the goods are delivered to the respective clients in a price inclusive deal. ABSOLUTELY NO EXTRA COST. Countries often visited are Germany, Switzerland, Austral, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Italy and Spain. They are visited between 2-4 times a year

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